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Chinese Movement: Affordable Watch Option

Swiss, Japan and Chinese movement have the bigger mass movements production on the market. Germany make very high quality movement but they are only for their own used.

Some listing of the mass production movement:

Swiss: ETA, Sellita, Soprod, Ronda

Japan: Miyota, Seiko

Chinese: Seagull, Hangzhou, Mingzhu(DG)

Chinese movement development history might not as long as Swiss and Japan movement. But some factory have bought some Swiss equipment in order to enhance the movement quality. When ETA movements patent protection have expired, it provide opportunity to many factory that others can make their movement based on the ETA design. Especially Chinese factory have the great opportunity to learn from it as ETA movement design and the quality have been proved by time. Now Chinese movement have been adopted by many well know brands like Fossil, Timex, Armani, Solvil-et-titus.

Chinese movement have their strength in price and wide range of choices. Now Watch is not only a tool for reading time, it is also a accessory for styling. Chinese movement provide more affordable option for the watch market. There are difference factory provide difference price range and function for the choices. The price always reflects of the quality, it's depend on the market strategy of the movement selection. Chinese tourbillon movement is the cheapest option on the market.

Seagull Double Tourbillon

Seagull is one of the primary and biggest Chinese movement factory. They have more than 60 years of experience for movement production technical. They own the largest production in China and have complete product grades with relatively high product quality and constantly develop high technology movements.

Hangzhou Watch Co., Ltd. founded in 1972. They provide wild range of movement including tourbillon movements. They make beautiful skeleton and decoration on the movement.

Mingzhu(DG) founded in 1958. Also one of earlier movement factory in China. They provide movement with competitive price and reasonable quality.


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